Cooper Machine Incomac IDV Kiln



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Incomac is now offering the IDV kiln. This kiln eliminates the need for boilers, furnaces, electrical coils, heat exchangers or heat pumps. Running only on electricity, this is a great option if you need more capacity and have run out of boiler capacity. Call for more information!

Kiln models:
IDV-20 8,500bf 15'4" x 12'2" x 12'5"
IDV-40 15,000bf 21'3" x 18'1" x 12'5"
IDV-50 20,000bf 25'2" x 18'1" x 12'5"
IDV-60 25,000bf 27'2" x 24'0" x 12'5"
IDV-80 34,000bf 35'0" x 24'0" x 12'5"

34,000bf is the largest IDV kiln model available.