Select Sawmill 4221 Band Sawmill



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Take production to the MAX! - High output bandmill with 6" double-cut blade. The solution to an affordable commercial operation.

Designed for commercial use, SELECT Model 4221 sawmill is known for its exceptional quality workmanship and outstanding performance. The unit is the ultimate in sawmills of its class with both user-friendly and high volume production capabilities.

Powered by a 115 hp John Deere Turbo diesel engine or a 75 hp electric motor, this sawmill will cut effortlessly into any type of wood.

Its cutting speed, up to 3 ft per second, is achieved with the double-cut blade (cuts in both directions), high efficiency hydraulic system and computerized setworks.

One of the features highly favored by our clients is the operator's panel, in front of which the sawyer can remain comfortably seated to operate the mill.