Indianapolis, IN – Wood-Mizer LLC, the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, introduces the unique and aggressive Turbo 7 blade profile in the high-performance Wood-Mizer Bi-Metal blade product line.

With increased air flow and higher tooth penetration while sawing hardwoods, the Turbo 7 degree profile has received positive reports from high production, high horsepower, and high feed rate sawmilling operations throughout the world since its introduction in 2013. Previously only available in a standard 10 degree profile, the Bi-Metal blade product line now offers the Turbo 7 profile for a higher cut quality, faster feed rate, and longer-lasting blade especially when cutting abrasive and exotic wood species. Due to the high-alloy backing material and hardened tooth tip, Bi-Metal blades offer a combination of durability and fatigue resistance, enabling a sharp life that is up to 3 times longer than carbon blades.

“While Wood-Mizer is the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, we also have a commitment to provide a variety of high-quality bandsaw blades to the market,” said John Storm, Wood-Mizer Blades Manager. “The Bi-Metal Turbo 7 blade is our latest addition in our extensive blade lineup and is ideal for sawing exotic and frozen hardwoods in a production sawmilling operation.”

The Wood-Mizer Bi-Metal Turbo 7 blade is now available to order in .042 x 1 ¼ and .050 x 1 ½ in a variety of lengths. Call 800.522.5760 or visit to order. Offering more than 60 basic blade profiles, Wood-Mizer makes blades for any type of sawing application from softwoods to hardwoods.

About Wood-Mizer

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as the world’s largest manufacturer of portable band sawmills with tens of thousands of bandmills sold around the globe. Today, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of portable sawmills, industrial headrigs, resaws, edgers, kilns, log splitters, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking hobbyists and forestry professionals all over the world. For 35 years, Wood-Mizer has provided top quality wood processing equipment and exceptional customer service for people who want the freedom of sawing their own lumber for projects or production. For

L1200 Whole Log Splitter

1/5/2017 10:42:03 AM

New from Woodcracker is a New and Larger Whole Log Splitter, the L1200. Expanding the line of “L” series splitters suitable as a stand alone machine, or mounted on a loader, The L1200 brings 33 tons of splitting force with an opening of over 47 inches.

CL190 Clearing Tree Shear

12/28/2016 8:53:56 AM

Woodcracker releases new products for 2017, announces new relationship with Mecalac of North America.

Engineered and manufactured in Austria, Woodcracker extends its line of land clearing tree shears with its’ model CL 190, a compact, affordable shear designed for mini excavators in the 2.5 – 7.5 ton range. Suitable for harvesting bushes and small trees up to 10 inches in diameter.

Lorusso Heavy Equipment of Walpole, MA, Woodcracker’s newest dealer in New England, is expecting its first CL 190 in early January to mate to the Mecalac 6MCR. According to AJ Lorusso, president of Lorusso Heavy Equipment, “the Woodcracker CL190 is a perfect complement to the Mecalac 6MCR , as it is compatible with the Mecalac quick coupling system, and the extra high reach of the Mecalac boom makes the combination a natural for tree work, while not losing any functionality as an excavator.”