Baker Products have innovated a new log to lumber system from their pre-existing equipment, in a new layout to lower labor, increase production, and provide maximum yield. The system uses 2 employees, and begins with one operating the Baker BP Dominator Sawmill. This Sawmill is equipped with hydraulic kickers in the outfeed roll case to either, kick timbers into the automated Baker Timber Stacker, or to kick waney edge boards to the Band Edger’s feeding deck. From the Band Edger’s feeding deck, an employee grabs a waney edge board and feeds it into the Baker Band Edger, to eliminate its waney/barky edges. On the outfeed side of the Edger, a hydraulic table top lifts the edged board and two edging strips, sliding them onto a belted conveyor. This conveyor delivers the material back to the employee who feeds the edger. He then stacks and bundles the boards and edging strips. The core of the logs, AKA timbers, that are transferred into the automated Baker Timber Stacker are stacked into a bundle, banded, and forklifted to their designated area. In the end, you have bundled timbers, bundled boards, bundled edging strips, and bundled slabs, giving you your most maximum yield out of your log and lowest labor cost.

Baker Products is proud to introduce their newest partner machine, the Wood Wizz. This machine is designed to surface and finish slabs, burls, tabletops, and even recycled timber. The machine is ideal for woodworkers who want to add value to their material and produce a perfect finish without any tear, ridging, or burn marks.

The Wood Wizz is powered by a variable speed 3-HP, motor and runs on a Z axis. It includes a large 5” (125 mm) cutter, 10 square cutter inserts, speed controller, two inverters, sanding disk with pads & sand paper, dust tower, dust hosing and fittings. The machine is equipped with a variable speed and power feed control box, with controls on the gantry, and also includes edging/joining cutter to combine two or more pieces of material, flawlessly.

Rustic wood table tops and wide slabs can produce high margins and the Wood Wizz, from Baker Products allows you to economically put a planer smooth finish on all types of slab, timber or beams.