eLIMBS Launches eLIMBS Ink™

3/23/2017 4:05:37 PM

Staying true to their Constant Improvement & Innovations Business Philosophy, eLIMBS, LLC. has yet again delivered an industry changing, integrated technology solution to the Hardwood Industry.

Over the last 6 months, working with a long-term client, eLimbs has built and delivered an industry changing solution, ending the need for messy paint, and time-consuming stencil cutting and usage in the Hardwood Industry. By integrating our smart handhelds with our new eLIMBS Ink™, mobile inkjet printer we have built a scan & print solution to lumber stenciling for shipping, receiving, and production operations. Eliminating costly errors in stenciling, reducing cost material costs, increasing efficiency, and standardizing the look, quality, and consistency of the process for stenciling/marking lumber loads & individual bundles.

eLIMBS Ink™ is built to work not only with the complete line of eLIMBS Software Solutions, but also any inventory solution you have. No matter whether your inventory system is competitor/partner sourced or based on simple Excel spreadsheets, the eLIMBS Ink™ solution will work for you! Switch today to achieve the 100% accuracy and consistent, professional look made possible only by eLIMBS Ink™.

Contact the eLIMBS team today for a personal demonstration or to learn more about eLIMBS Ink™ at (740) 401-0720 or [email protected]

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