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FASTLINE Heavy Duty 4-Head Resaw System - Complete system with run-around. Features 40 HP per saw head; 41" diameter wheels; pneumatic deduster type guides; 1-1/2" thick solid steel wheels to run 2" wide band; hydraulic feed. Item 56053. see our entire inventory at www.benjones.com
Equipment Location:Columbus, GA
Ben Jones Machinery
Fast Line Gator 204 Resaw with runaround, cuts 14" - 14" cants. Runaround will cut up to 16' stock. Includes a 6 cylinder Cummins with Rockford clutch, hooked to power pack and pumps 66 gpm. Hooked up with lineshaft but also has electric motor. Set up behind portable mill with rollers behind band mill which go to an unscrambler and then to runaround. 24' green chain included.
Equipment Location:Lancing, MI
Sawmill Exchange
Fastline Single Head Resaw w/Hyd Pack
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
Bandsaw. This machine is a Fast Line 4-head band resaw. Item #C672
Equipment Location:Sturgeon Lake, MN
L & L Sales