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Dismantler. This machine is an Industrial Resource Pass I disc dismantler. Item #C557
Equipment Location:Sturgeon Lake, MN
L & L Sales
(2)Available - Industrial Resources One Pass Pallet Dismantler Pinch Disc Type, 7.5HP Electric Motor on Hydraulics
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES RAPID CUT ll Bandsaw Dismantler If you have a lot of pallets to dismantle, this is the saw for you. The RAPID CUT II Band Saw pallet dismantler is the workhorse of the industry. It quickly removes top or bottom boards from any stringer pallet in seconds. -- Features: -- Structural steel frame construction --Blade speed 4,200 FPM --Heavy-duty blade guide system with high-torque drive train -- Easy blade change -- Reduced blade shock by air spring tensioning -- Easy to move or relocate unit with a fork lift -- Includes: -- Adjustable table height -- Operator controls on both sides of machine -- Pneumatic brake on blade drive wheel -- Standard 15 HP power unit -- Blade tensioning system, pneumatic self-adjusting .Fast cut 800 to 1,000 pallets per shift.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Ed Flowerree
704-841-2001 ext:344