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NORDSON - 5550, ...Bulk Adhesive Melter.For melt & pump moisture-curing of Polyurethanes and other high-performance thermoplastic materials directly from straight-sided 55-gal. shipping drums. -- Engineered for reactive materials; closed system design to prevent adhesive from curing prematurely. -- Features: Auto. startup to prevent cold-start damage to the pump; solid-state digital temperature control for individual application set-point control of platen, hose and gun zones. -- Includes: "TCS" Temperature control system to continuously monitor & control temperatures in all heating zones; system shuts down upon detection of sensor fault or overtemperature condition. -- Complete with: Empty drum detection, digital temperature display to indicate actual zone temperature in ° F or ° C.NOTE: Hose and gun not included.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Torry Hiddema
800-374-5009 ext:371