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PRS MISCELLANEOUS Pallet Stacker. -- This pallet stacker will stack broken, tear down and odd size pallets that can vary up to 12" in either the stringer or deck board length. -- This unique machine stacks like a fork truck. Uses 48" length forks that travel in / out of the pallets. -- A scissor lift platform doing the lifting. -- Ideal if placed near the operator for stacking odd size pallets that would otherwise be hand stacked. -- Includes: 5 HP Hydraulic power unit.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST, AL
PRS - APD-X, ...Pallet DestackerPRS "Stack-O-Matic" Pallet Destacker with adjustable size capacity. Specifications: -- Fully automatic operation, including all controls, with live pallet infeed / outfeed chains. -- Variable pallet height detection. -- 5 HP Hydraulic power unit. -- (4) Pneumatically controlled forks to support pallets. -- Pallet cap. size of 36" x 36" to 60" x 60" with (10) pallets per minute capacity. -- Completely guarded.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Bernie Straple
800-374-5009 ext:339