1995 Kershaw 800 Brush Cutter and Land Clearing$59,900

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987 Paw Paw Drive
Holland, MI 49423
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  • Year:1995
  • Make:Kershaw
  • Model:800




FOR SALE: 1995 Kershaw 800 Rotary Brush Cutter 6’ Fecon cutting head with hardened steel teeth. John Deere 165 HP diesel, Hydrostatic transmission, Air conditioned cab. Unit is articulated and has log skidder tires for use in all soil conditions. This unit has been immaculately maintained and includes multiple upgrades and modifications to improve performance, durability and safety. It has had very limited use since 2005. This unit is located in Holland, MI. $59,900.00 Call or Text: 616-834-5152

Seller Information


987 Paw Paw Drive
Holland, MI 49423Map It



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