2007 Cord King 48 Firewood Processor$77,000

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21 Cachagee Road
Box 1765
Chapleau, ON P0M1K0
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  • Year:2007
  • Make:Cord King
  • Model:48
  • Hours/Mileage:2320
  • Location:Chapleau, ONMap It
  • Serial Number:CM148CAT26112240




Includes: 2007 Cord King CK48 80HP CAT Diesel Engine, 48” carbide circular slasher saw, extra saw blade included ($2000) 20’ extended indeed conveyor (original is 16ft, extended to 20’ $2,195 option included) hydraulic auxillary power take-off, 4th extra leg added with hydraulic folding log deck. ($2,195 option included) Enclosed Heated Operator Cab with Controls ($1,950 option included) Grizzley Debris Separator included, 32’ Offloading Belt Conveyor with swivel tires ($8,400 option included) Firewood Processor double axel with electric brakes, fully portable with pintle hitch. Conveyor can also be trailered with 2” ball. Specs: 29 ton strong splitter head, 22 inch diameter logs, max log length 40 feet, 32ft offloading conveyor belt capable of making big piles. hydraulic adjustable wedge head, Grizzly debris separator removes up to 80% of debris from the wood pile. Can process between 8 and 10 full coords per hour, known as the fastest firewood processor on the market. 2.5 seconds from cutting log, to splitting into multiple pieces. Very well maintained by heavy duty mechanic in excellent condition. Very strong heavy duty machine with low hours (2320 hrs) Very reliable CAT Engine. $77,000 CAD, or approximately $61,000 USD

Seller Information


21 Cachagee Road
Box 1765
Chapleau, ON P0M1K0Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information