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Two (2) 40' long Tyrone hydraulic shotgun cylinders. Taken out of service 1/2/17. Replaced with two 50' cylinders. Cylinders are in good operating condition Total price - $15,000 FOB Wallingford, KY - Contact Carl Park
Equipment Location:Wallingford, KY
Mellott Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Equipment Location:Chelsea, AL
Abneyco Equipment LLC
Motors All 3 Phase. Teco 150 HP, Very Good Condtion $2750; 25HP $900; All New Surplus Motors 724-912-4502
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, PA
Chestnut Ridge Mulch LLC
Fontane 5" Band Resaw w/Complete Runaround Also Comes w/Complete Sharpening Room $30,000 Delivery Available! 814-603-0064
Equipment Location:Brockway, PA
Watt Lumber
West Salem Shredder Model 1662 HT + Belt conveyor Model 20161. In daily use. Manual & parts $26,000 obo. Everette Hershey (252)943-8995.
Equipment Location:Pantego, NC
IBX Lumber
2004 Wood-Mizer LT300 Thin Kirf Mill Complete w/Carriage, Control Panels, Conveyors, Rollers, Live Deck $40,000 330-212-2857
Equipment Location:Vevay, IN
Tom Mayberry Enterprises

Cardinal Circular Sawmill

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COMPLETE SAW MILL CARDINAL - SWP complete semi-automatic saw mill consisting of 3-strand log in-feed chain deck; 2-strand chain seperator table; de-barker in-feed chain conveyor, MORBARK rosser head type 60 HP de-barker; c/w out-feed chain conveyor with hydraulic log tipper; 3-strand mill in-feed chain conveyor; CARNIDAL incline separator; CUT-CO 36"twin saw with twin overhead blades; cobination single cant twin slab carrier with manual refuse station; CARNIDAL incline slab de-scrambler; re-saw/grading in-feed roll conveyor; CARDNIAL 689C 42" slab re-saw automatic saw with MUDATA PLC control; 6-strand edger in-feed table; 7-strand re-saw out-feed table; CARDINAL 4-strand finished lumber out-feed table; CARDINAL incline de-scrambler; CANADIAN TRIM double end precision cut to length saw; 6-strand trim saw transfer table; waste/scrap recovery system. HAS THE CAPACITY TO SAW 40,000 BD FT OF 8 FT CEDAR IN 8 HOURS LOCATED IN ARTHURETTE, NB. COMPLETE SAW SHARPENING SYSTEMS INCLUDED. MILL COMES WITH 46 ACRES OF LAND.
Equipment Location:Moncton, NB
Graystone Quarries

Comact 8ft Lumber Stacker

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Comact 8' Lumber Stacker
Equipment Location:Beaver, WA
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
Cooper Machine has a New 2016 MIT True Lumber System available and in stock. This machine includes: - For logs 8-17' long and up to 36" in diameter - 17.5° stationary slant carriage has three reinforced steel knees, pneumatic dogs, motorized log rotators, board and sawdust conveyor, full hydraulic drive and three arms to assist in rotating logs on the car - Inclined double cut 17.5° movable headrig with 49 inch solid steel wheels, 6" band, high tension pneumatic system, mobile pressure guides, mechanized rails and winch for headrig movement with 30hp motor with electromagnetic brake frequency inverter - 6 x 6 climate controlled cab - Comes as a modular unit with 20' log infeed and substeel - Includes five days of startup with both a MIT and Cooper technician. This machine does not include any setworks, so you can use whichever system you want to. Setworks can be added at an additional price. This machine has a smaller footprint than a conventional carriage. The modular unit allows for lower installation and start up costs. Built heavy with a combined modular weight of over 90,000lbs. This machine is currently disassembled for shipping. It's priced ready to move. For more information, give us a call.
Equipment Location:Wadley, GA
Cooper Machine Company, Inc.
Complete Shaving Operation For Sale 7 1/2 Acres of Land, 40 Load Shavings Storage Buildingm 40 X 60 Shop, 20 X 50 Office w/ Lean to, Shavings Operation Capable of 30 to 50 Loads per week. Call for Details Office 919-207-2539 Cell 919-868-4684
Equipment Location:Newton, NC
West Farms Wood Products LLC
Portable Frick Mill, edger, Cummins Motor, $45,000
Equipment Location:Windsor, OH
Hershberger Manufacturing
Heartwood Dbl Cut Diesel Powered Band Mill with Debarkers forward and Reverse S/N 96-073
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
HMC V2110 Rosserhead Debarker S/N 1742-99 with Cab and Controls. Bark Chute Built in Underneath.
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
HMC Rosserhead debarker with Perkins 160 H.P. Genset 20’ infeed deck & barn sweep. Fair condition $10,000 419-368-0005
Equipment Location:Londonville, OH
Hochstetler Milling
2000 HMC AC-40 Board Dog Carriage and Track, Chain Log Turner, Saw Cab with HMC Panel. Brownlee Lumber Company, Inc. Tel: 814-328-2991, Fax 814-328-2422
Equipment Location:Brookville, PA
Brownlee Lumber
Equipment Location:Aiken, SC
Hutto Wood Products
Wood Shaving Mill, Box size is 40" wide, 52" long, 2 40" Cutting Heads with 6 rows of knifes Per Head, 75HP electric motor, 3 phase 230/460 volt drive the Heads, 25HP motor runs hydraulics, Electrical starters and disconnects and 2 conveyors included, Mill is currently in use, $5,000 Don 803-338-8085
Equipment Location:Elgin, SC
Smith Sawmill
Used Linden double acting step feeder(s), Linden 4-36-50 log step feeder, serial# 98-1151 and 1152, 4 steps, 36" stroke, 50 degree angle, 25 hp electric motor belt driven to SM Cyclo reducer drive, approximately 4ft elevation gain, each box is 24" wide and is referred to "narrow box version" and has maximum contact on logs, 22 boxes wide, log length capacity 50ft, factory prints/drawings can be view in photos, Step feeder can be used as 2 individual 25ft long feeders and is priced at per 25ft section- 2 total section available - both run independently and has a electric motor and gear reducer for each section, estimated weight of each 25ft section is approximately 50,000 LBS or 100,000LBS for the total 50ft section. All information is from Linden MFG and we have a copy of the original drawings available, Step feeders are stored in our yard and ready for prompt shipment. Price includes loading onto truck, we can also quote you a delivered price to your location. YouTube videos of step feeder before it was dismantled: , , , ,
Equipment Location:Toledo, WA
Machinery Scene

McDonough 54in Band Resaw

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McDonough 54" Horizontal Band Resaw
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.

Morbark EM 16 Debarker

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EM 16 Morbark Debarker w/Inf & Outf, 2 chain log deck w/ stop & loader, Patz bark conveyor. Spare debarking head, feed roll and misc parts. Machine has been well maintained & is in good operating condition. 215-679-6726
Equipment Location:Pennsburg, PA
Kline's Mill Suppliers Inc.