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Merchandizer. This machine is a Morgan merchandizer with bar saw and gas motor. Will process up to 18" logs. Item #00625
Equipment Location:Sturgeon Lake, MN
L & L Sales
FastLine 48" Log Merchandising System with 50HP Motor, Cab, Infeed. Waste belt Not Included. Out and Ready to Load
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
Transform oversize logs to usable saw logs. This 20' log splitter saw will pay for itself. L & M L-S System 2000 Log Splitter, S/N 27001, 30 HP Saw Motor, 2 HP Hydraulic Carriage Feed, Adjustable Speed Using High Torque Gear Reduction Capacity is 60” Diameter by 20’ Long (Horizontal), 54” Vertical Adjustment for Slabs or Quarter Sawing
Equipment Location:Hooks, TX
Kittrell Sawmill Brokers and Appraisers
L & M whole tree log merchandising system w/whole tree length log infeed deck 70' Infeed log trough 70' Outfeed log trough with/3 way log sorting system.
Equipment Location:Ellington, MO
Baker Products
Log Processing System Consists of 48" Cut Off Saw, 29' Hourglass Rollcase, 30' Hourglass Rollcase, 19' 2 Strand Log Deck
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
Log deck singulator, used Linden double acting log singulator / feeder, two 25ft long log singulators available, Linden model# 4-36-50, serial#s 98-1151 and 1152, 4 steps, 36" stroke, 50 degree angle, 25 hp electric motor belt driven to SM Cyclo reducer drive, approximately 4ft elevation gain, each box is 24" wide and is referred to "narrow box version" and has maximum contact on logs, 22 boxes wide, 25ft or , factory prints/drawings can be view in photos, singulators are priced at per 25ft section, log length capacity for one singulator is 25ft or 50 ft if both are paired up- 2 total section available - prior use were operating as a pair, both run independently and has a electric motor and gear reducer for each section. All information is from Linden MFG and we have a copy of the original drawings available, both log singulators are stored in our yard and ready for prompt shipment. Price includes loading onto truck, we can also quote you a delivered price to your location. YouTube videos of step feeder before it was dismantled: https://youtu.be/r-4vExQlDQM , https://youtu.be/uQ4pI19p9t8 , https://youtu.be/HziXK2CtgsI , https://youtu.be/pk8iqnsIB78 , https://youtu.be/MidD6aN8Zmw
Equipment Location:Toledo, WA
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