Cooper Machine Overhead Scragg (with Vertical Edgers)

Cooper Machine Overhead Scragg (with Vertical Edgers)

End-dogging log mills have been a Cooper Machine specialty for 50 years, which is why Cooper is known for being the best Scragg on the market. Cooper Machine offers versions of the Overhead Scragg that are designed to handle logs as small as 3 feet up to 20 feet long, depending on the customer’s specifications. These machines are designed and built to run a long time (with some still in operation over 30 + years) with little maintenance, and with just one person needed to operate the machine. We do this to save you money in the long run. The Overhead Scragg is available with 48” or 56” diameter circle saws. Also available with a Twin Band (see Twin Band Overhead). These machines are available with several options for controls/setworks including: Cooper X/Y Ultrasonic scanning,a Horner PLC/Delta Controller or 3D scanning from Lewis Controls. The Overhead Scragg is available with several upgrades available including three or four saw vertical edgers, graphic display and pivot dog lift for faster loading. Also now available with chipping heads. We will soon be offering upgrades for our existing customers to upgrade to a PLC.
  • Standard machine for materials 8' - 16'
  • Customized machines for materials as short as 3 1/2' up to 20' in length
  • 48" and 56" saw available
  • Automatic centering and saw setworks
  • Outfeed system automatically seperates the slabs, cants and boards
  • Solid construction and quality parts give customers many years of usage
  • Available with manual setworks, Cooper Ultrasonic Measuring system, Cooper X/Y Scanning and 3 D Scanning
  • Hydraulic driven slab belts
  • Infeed consists of two independent log positioners with each controlled by one electric solenoid and two 2” diameter hydraulic cylinders and temposonic LPs
  • Outfeed consists of 8” H-beam cant guide with WS-78 chain and two 22” wide belt conveyors which are controlled by the computer and have manual override
  • 6’ x 8’ climate controlled sawyer’s cab (larger cabs available for additional fee)
  • Stop & loader assembly with hydraulic cylinder wired and plumbed into sawyer’s cab
  • Four camera color monitoring systems with 27” monitor
  • Smallest cants the machine is able to cut is 3 1/2” x 3 1/2"
  • Only one operator needed to run the machine
  • Low maintenance
  • Options
  • Graphic Display Upgrade Available
  • Two or three saw vertical edgers
  • Key Knife chipping heads can be added in addition to circle saws
  • Ultrasonic Scanning, Horner PLC/Delta Controller or 3D Scanning
Overhead Scragg Upgrade for Cross Cut Hardwoods
Cross Cut Hardwoods installed a Standard Overhead with Vertical Edgers and Rear Dog Lift upgrade in early 2014. According to Randy McCown theres definitely an increase in the number of logs that can be broken down. Crosscut Hardwoods is now processing 10-15 percent more logs on a daily basis.

Randy McCown / Cross Cut Hardwoods
Alto, TX

Dickerson Lumber No Regrets
We currently operate a Cooper Overhead Dogging Scragg Mill and the new Cooper Edger, the staff at Cooper Machine is where customers really see their investment pay off. We have dealt with Cooper since 2005 and they are very knowledgeable on the technical support end, they timely ship routine maintenance parts, and are genuinely courteous and willing to assist with all concerns. You will not regret a purchase from Cooper Machine Company.

MacKay Dickerson / Dickerson Lumber Company
Glasgow, KY

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