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Introducing the Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger System by the industry experts at McDonough 

The Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger System is a revolutionary new approach to edging that combines the benefits of optimized saw placement with the simplicity of a manual edger system. An affordable system in a whole new class of edgers created by McDonough, a Sterling YieldBoss Hybrid Edger fits in the space between our line of McDonough fully optimized edgers that return the highest yields, and manual edgers that leave everything up to your operator. 

Based on years of edger product development and site testing, a Hybrid Edger will deliver performance expected to be superior to many optimized transverse edger systems, and even outperform many edgers that are billed as being optimized, but in reality, are not. 

The Sterling YieldBoss can help you meet your goals with:

  • Optimized saw placement on every board
  • Designed to fit the footprint of a hand-fed edger system common in sawmills everywhere
  • Designed to put the saw on the correct cutpath on every piece
  • An infeed system based on the designs of our industry leading McDonough OptiFit edger system, which has been developed over years of testing and improvement, with 50+ systems in operation around the industry  

The standard YieldBoss edger system includes:

  • Edger infeed belt
  • McDonough YieldBoss Hybrid Edger scanning
  • McDonough Hybrid Edger system controls
  • Two-saw McDonough YieldBoss edger 
  • Edger outfeed belt 

McDonough strives for efficiency through specialized machine solutions that lay a foundation for success. We focus on mutual honesty and long-term ethics, open and respectful communication, and are conscious of our customers’ expectations. No matter your edger needs, McDonough has the system for you. 

For more, visit or call (715) 834-7755.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (JULY 20, 2021) - The Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, would like to welcome forest industry pros, families and wood-lovers to the inaugural Hoosier Hardwood Festival. The festival will debut August 27-29 at the Marion County Fairgrounds. This celebration will feature lumberjack shows, lumberjack camps, chainsaw carving artists, woodworkers, shopping, auctions, axe throwing, log rolling, live music & entertainment, festival food & drinks and more!

All are welcome to attend the festival and there will be plenty of entertainment. Headlining the festival is the touring All American Lumberjack Show. Competitors will be split into red and blue teams and compete in 10 lumberjack skills events. These include Log Rolling, OP Race, Axe Throwing, Spring-Board Tree Topping, Single Buck, 2 Man X-cut Sawing, Stock Saw Racing, Hot Saw Racing, Quick Carve and Log Boom Racing! This hour-long, competition-style event will take place on Friday at 4:30pm, twice on Saturday at 1pm and 4:30p and on Sunday at 12pm.


When the All American Lumberjack Shows aren’t happening, the Lumberjack Camps are in full swing. Here the public is welcome to try their hand at one of three skills performed in the competition… log rolling, 2 man x-cut sawing or axe throwing. Competitors from the show will be available to help with each skill.


“The lumberjack show and camp will be great entertainment,” says IHLA Executive Director, Ray Moistner, “but we’re also very excited to have over 20 chainsaw carving artists from around the country coming to our festival!”


22 chainsaw carving artists are scheduled to showcase their unique skills throughout the festival. Carving will take place nearly non-stop and festival goers will have the opportunity to purchase the completed chainsaw art pieces via a buy now price OR at one of two auctions taking place on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Saturday’s auction proceeds will benefit the Future Farmers of America and Sunday’s auction goes back to the artists themselves.


Lumber industry pros will have a chance to see the latest equipment, gear and safety tools. Plus trained loggers from around the state will have a chance to earn the title of Indiana’s Best Logger in a competition designed to showcase the safety and skills loggers use every day!


Competitors will be judged on chain sharpening, speed cuts, bore cuts and spring pole cuts. In the competition finale the lumberjacks will be challenged to fell a tree, through a stake in the ground and into a bullseye, with incremental points given for accuracy of the fell.


Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the lumber industry through a series of education sessions and displays like the Woods on Wheels exhibit which boasts interactive displays that will immerse the senses while covering key topics of forestry. Education session topics include fire safety tips from Smokey the Bear, tree identification, invasive insects & species, a panel discussion for woodland land owners and more!


Plenty of indoor and outdoor shopping will be available for everything from small woodworking arts & crafts to large industry equipment. Festival style food and food trucks will be on-site as well as a spirits & beer garden, presented by Hard Truth Distillery and Quaff On Brewing. Near the food / drink garden will be an entertainment stage with live music from local artists.


Located at the Marion County Fairgrounds, 7300 E. Troy Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46239. Show dates for 2021 are August 27-29. Show hours are Friday 12p–8p, Saturday 9a–8p and Sunday 9a–3p. General admission tickets are $10, $5 for ages 7-12 and free for kids 6 & under. Parking is free along the Fisher Road entrance on the east side of the fairgrounds.

For more show information, event schedules, discounts and to purchase tickets, visit


Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association

IHLA is a relevant, member-driven trade association, whose members share a passion for creating the world’s finest hardwood products, and a determination to maintain the sustainable productivity of our nation’s forest resources. IHLA is a non-profit trade organization of sawmills, wholesale brokers, equipment vendors, secondary manufacturers, loggers, landowners and others who recognize the benefits of working together on issues and projects for the good of the hardwood industry. For more information, visit

WSM’s new Super Screener is the next generation of this type of screen. Redesigned and manufactured for reduced maintenance, increased production, and longer operating life.  New rugged features include longer machine life thanks to a 15% lighter basket and increased durability with oversize hangers. Material moves up to four times faster thanks to the steep slope, stainless steel pan bottom – ideal for wet material like compost and bark mulch.


Reduced maintenance downtime and expense with the relocated drive unit and easy access to the screens from the back of the basket for quicker change out. The relocated drive also allows for an unobstructed flow of material.  Optional features include wire mesh or perforated screens, ball deck for increased material agitation to help prevent build up and blinding on the screens, multiple material classifications, top covers, access platforms, and infeed chutes.


Learn more about the advantages of the newly redesigned Super Screener and our full line of grinders, screeners, and processing systems.  Contact us at 503-364-2213, or [email protected]

Wood-Mizer introduces the MR200 Gang Saw engineered to significantly reduce the amount of work and time needed to rip cants into boards. Designed for both pallet and lumber operations, the MR200 Gang Rip Saw joins the Wood-Mizer line of high-performance sawmill and pallet production equipment that is available and supported through their established worldwide network.

Capable of ripping cants up to 21” (540mm) wide and up to 7-3/4” (200mm) thick, the MR200 Gang Rip Saw features a compact footprint without sacrificing capacity. Featuring two height adjustable arbors, the MR200 can be equipped with up to 12 circular saw blades on each arbor with a maximum of 18” (460mm) between outer sawblades, significantly speeding up the cant rip sawing operation. Three driven press rollers on both the infeed and outfeed are located close to the saw blades for sawing cants as short as 28” (700mm) and the heavy-duty modular infeed and outfeed tables provide an unlimited cant length capacity with additional 6’ 8” (2m) tables.

Feed speed is adjustable from 5 - 50fpm (1.5 - 15m/min), and the centralized control panel has two separate sets of controls for managing each arbor individually to attain optimal feed speed, energy use, and production. The MR200 is powered by two 20HP (15 kW), 25HP (18.5 kW), 30HP (22 kW) or 40HP (30 kW) motors with ammeters on the control panel monitoring the load of each motor.

Other features include a laser line and infeed assist roller for precise alignment and efficient feeding of cants, an optional built-in chipper to prevent unnecessary downtime to clear out sawdust from the machine, and built in forklift pockets allow for easy handling of the machine for layout flexibility.

“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing the best sawmill equipment for high-production operations throughout the world,” said Luke Murray, Wood-Mizer TITAN Product Manager. “The MR200 provides lumber and pallet operations compact and versatile gang rip saw for increased productivity.”

MR200 Gang Saw Features

  • Two Adjustable Arbors with up to 12 Saws Per Arbor
  • Three Driven Press Rollers on Infeed and Outfeed for Effortless Feeding of Cants
  • Control Panel with Individual Controls for Each Arbor
  • Laser Line for Precise Gang Sawing
  • Optional Built-in Chipper
  • The Wood-Mizer MR200 Gang Saw is now available worldwide. Contact your local Wood-Mizer Representative to order. For more information, visit
  • About Wood-Mizer
  • Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, woodworking equipment, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, sawmill blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world. Visit for more information.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro and 43 Pro firewood processors now have the half-stroke function for making short firewood faster as a standard equipment. Take your efficiency to a whole new level and double the cycle speed with half-stroke. With this activated, the splitting returns already after half of the stroke, thus halving the cycle time. The half-stroke splitting can be easily controlled with a switch in the front panel. You will get up to double the splitting speed at the touch of a button. The function is adjustable between 32 and 50 cm firewood. The 12-way splitting blade with half-stoke is the winning solution for unparallel productivity.



The Hakki Pilke 43 Pro is advanced commercial grade firewood processor for professionals. The 43 Pro is internationally highly valued by among professional users. The productivity of the machine is unbeatable with the half-stroke and the delay-free HakkiSplit™ splitting mechanism.  The HakkiCut™ cutting control always adds optimal cutting force and enables whole cutting operation with one joystick button. The hydraulic log clamp and log landing plates ensure uninterrupted material flow.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro has the easy push button controls and advanced cutting system to make it a top choice amongst producers. The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro brings unparalleled efficiency to firewood processing. Effortless and ergonomic HakkiCut™ cutting control enables sawing with a press of a joystick button. During cutting, the lowering speed of the saw bar is automatically adjusted according to the resistance, ensuring an efficient and fast process. The 38 Pro can split even the hardest wood in high quality firewood, with a splitting cycle of only 3 seconds.

Richmond, VA - May 21, 2021 - Cleereman Industries introduced the latest addition to a now complete line-up of primary breakdown machinery.  Building upon a long-term reputation for superior customer service and long-lasting machinery that includes all types of material handling, debarkers, carriages, trimsaws and the revolutionary LumberPro, Cleereman Industries is approaching optimized edging the same way.  Company vice president, Paul Cleereman stated recently that with the successful addition of Cleereman Controls, a division of Cleereman Industries that provides setworks, scanning, optimization and flow control systems, adding a line of optimized edgers was the next logical step.

The new Cleereman edger line was produced following an extensive review of all major edgers currently available to locate fail-points and recurring maintenance issues with the goal of building the most efficient, durable and affordable optimized edger available today.

Poly belt drive system to eliminate chains and sprockets, huge 3 15/16” mandrels, full 1” thick main frames, revolutionary preliminary placement infeed table design, ductile saw collars, 8” chromed, knurled driven rolls, remote greasing and standalone oils system are just a few examples of how that is accomplished.  The new line of Cleereman Optimized edgers utilizes Joe Scan heads and is available in many standard configurations including; optimized and non-optimized, 2 or 3 saw, 4” & 6” depth of cut, 42”-54” wide options and even combination gang models.  In addition, every Cleereman edger comes with Cleereman Controls so you never deal with multiple vendors, providing a single point of contact for any unforeseen challenges for the life of your machine.

For complete details contact:

Cleereman Industries


  • John Deere G-Series harvesters and forwarders are now available with durable RENCRAFT® Super Hard Coat polycarbonate windows.
  • Available as a standard offering on new machines, the more durable windows deliver enhanced optic quality, improved scratch resistance and a thicker coating for increased sound insulation.

MOLINE, IL (May 18, 2021) — Improving the durability of its machines, John Deere now features RENCRAFT® Super Hard Coat polycarbonate windows as a standard offering on its G-Series harvesters and G-Series forwarders. Providing enhancements over the windows previously used, the upgraded windows are designed to withstand external wear. Additionally, the windows are improved to enhance scratch resistance and withstand chemicals and cleaning solutions, while also enhancing optic quality.

“The optics of the new window are clearly better, and, as a bonus, the cabin is now even quieter. The new kind of coating enabled by the manufacturing technique and the wear protection it brings are also significant improvements on the previous ones,” said Sami Kulmala, marketing manager, John Deere.

The new, more durable coating on the windows is created during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for separate coating or minor distortions. Additionally, the new windows comply with the ISO 21876 Saw Chain Shot Testing standard, proving their durability.

With the new windows, the front window of the rotating cab and the rear window of the John G-Series Forwarder fixed cab are almost 50% thicker than before. Additionally, due to the thicker material, the cab is better insulated, resulting in a quieter environment on the job site.

The RENCRAFT Super Hard Coat polycarbonate windows are available as a standard offering on all Model Year 2021 G-Series harvesters and forwarders. To learn more about the new windows, as well as the G-Series harvesters and forwarders, visit or your local John Deere dealer.


About John Deere
 Deere & Company ( is a world leader in providing advanced products, technology and services for customers whose work is revolutionizing agriculture and construction — those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

Wood-Mizer introduces the WB2000 high-performance industrial sawmill that has been engineered specifically to meet the needs of high-production timber processing markets in North and South America. Successfully installed and operating in six continents since its initial debut, the WB2000 expands the versatility and affordability of a high-performance industrial sawmill in addition to providing world-class service and support from Wood-Mizer’s leading distribution network. 

Capable of sawing with 2” or 3” wide sawmill blades, the WB2000 combines the increased yield of thin-kerf blade technology with the durability and reliability that high-production operations demand. In addition, WB2000 sawmill blades can be sharpened with fast, accurate, and affordable CBN grinding wheel technology rather than relying on the expertise and costly resources of a professional saw doctor. Packed with high-performance features, the WB2000 includes a powerful 50HP electric motor, heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, live feed 2-camera video system, and an efficient operation with precision setworks for sawing large diameter softwood, hardwood, and tropical logs. The WB2000 can be used as a standalone sawmill to fully process a log, or in addition to an existing system to process irregular logs or produce custom orders. 


“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing the best sawmill equipment for high-production operations throughout the world,” said Luke Murray, Wood-Mizer TITAN Product Manager. “The WB2000 gives industrial sawmill businesses a robust, affordable, and proven sawmill with the added benefits of increased yield, production, and versatility.” 


WB2000 High-Performance Industrial Sawmill Features 

  • Heavy Duty Twin Rail Head Construction with Quad Post Support 
  • Increased Material Drag Back Capability 
  • Wideband Performance with 2" or 3" Wide Sawmill Blades 
  • 6 Ton Log Capacity 
  • Live Feed, 2-Camera Video System 


Electronic setworks and an elevated operator control station allow a single operator to manage all sawing and hydraulic log handling functions while maintaining a clear view of production. The advanced setworks are displayed on a HMI touch-screen which presents board and cant sizes along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. In addition, deluxe joysticks provide the operator with precise control of all sawing and log handling functions and feature proportional hydraulic speed control. Hydraulic log handling functions include a dual-post log clamp, vertical side supports, bi-directional chain log turner, and power rollers for positioning the log and removing cants. The Wood-Mizer WB2000 high-performance industrial sawmill is now available worldwide. Contact your local Wood-Mizer Representative to order. For more information, visit 


About Wood-Mizer 

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, woodworking equipment, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, sawmill blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world. Visit for more information.

For the second year in a row, chainsaws are going to remain silent on the Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds in August. What would have been the 74th NYS WOODSMEN’S FIELD DAYS, the 2021 August event has once again been cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic.

Officials of the NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days are unable to operate under the current NYS COVID regulations. The field days is a large event with many spectators. It is not safe nor feasible to organize and host the event for the capacity, spacing and participation limits that are currently in place by officials of New York State and the federal government.

Phyllis White, Executive Coordinator of the event states, “The decision to cancel the 2021 NYS WOODSMEN’S FIELD DAYS was not an easy one. Our event is unique in that we are a trade show and sporting event all rolled into one. Our participants come from 11+ states, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There are many, many issues that affect us with regards to the NYS COVID/Pandemic regulations. Our number one concern is that we keep all of our spectators, volunteer staff, exhibitors, competitors and the Boonville community safe. Our board of directors also wants the quality of the event to be maintained. Our organization remains optimistic that 2022 will be the year the event will operate.”

All advance sale tickets will be honored at the 2022 event. The 75th NYS Woodsmen’s Field Days is tentatively scheduled to be held on August 19, 20 & 21, 2022. RAIN OR SHINE …. We are hopeful that we will see you once again! We are going to “knock your socks off’ with another great show!

For information on the event, you can visit our website: or on our Facebook page.

April 8, 2021 - One family, two of the leading companies in the firewood equipment industry are now one.  Brent Easton, owner of Bells Machining Firewood Processors, has decided to retire and sell Bells Machining to his son, Andrew Easton, who is the founder and owner of an industry leader EastonMade Firewood Splitters.  Andrew was instrumental in the move by Bells Machining to begin manufacturing high production and top-quality firewood processors.  Most of the hydraulic and electronics currently utilized on every Bells processor were originally designed and engineered by Andrew prior to his founding of EastonMade Firewood Splitters.

The timing of the move couldn’t be better for all involved.  EastonMade’s continued growth in the industrial firewood splitter market was being limited by current manufacturing space and Bell’s Machining and Hydraulics location has plenty of room for not only combining the two companies, but accommodate the high growth trajectory of the company.  Andrew stated that he has several immediate upgrades planned for the Bell’s line-up, but mostly will be concentrating on streamlining and simplifying the manufacturing and sales process.  All model numbers will remain consistent and current owners won’t be impacted.  This focus will provide additional time for maintaining both companies’ industry leading customer service and R&D that will focus on improved production, safety and operator comfort across the board for the entire line of Bells Processors.

For more information on high quality firewood splitters, processors, conveyors, cleaners and more visit, or call 613-812-3213 for splitters or 888-995-1965 for processors.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Forest-products business professionals, students and workers interested in forest-related careers, and vendors of equipment and supplies will gather for commerce, education and networking at the 2021 Forest Products Equipment and Technology Exposition, Friday, June 4, and Saturday, June 5, at Penn State's Ag Progress Days site at Rock Springs.


Organizers of the event will follow all pertinent state regulations and local ordinances pertaining to COVID-19. Attendees are required to wear facial coverings both indoors and outdoors and must follow physical distancing guidelines for the safety of all participants, according to show manager Jesse Darlington, of Penn State.


"With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic perhaps in sight and the economy poised for a rebound, we're pleased that we will be able to host visitors on-site at the expo — a large portion of which is outdoors — in a safe manner as the industry strives to emerge from the pandemic as strong as ever," he said.


Known as Timber 2021, the biennial trade exposition is aimed primarily at loggers, sawmill operators, value-added processors and forest landowners. The event is hosted by the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences and the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association. Parking and admission are free.


The leading hardwood-producing state in the nation, Pennsylvania is home to more than 2,100 forest-products companies and 750,000 forest landowners. About 64,000 Pennsylvanians work in the forest-products industry, accounting for about one of every nine manufacturing jobs in the state. The industry generates nearly $12 billion in annual sales and has an approximately $36 billion a year impact on the state's economy.


Timber 2021 is expected to attract dozens of commercial exhibitors and vendors serving the forest-products industry and emerging biomass markets. Owners and employees of forest-products companies can learn about new technology and best practices, Darlington said.


"Visitors can see the latest equipment on display and in action at live demonstrations, including wheeled loaders, horizontal grinders, chippers and other machinery," he said.


Matt Gabler, Pennsylvania Forest Products Association executive director, pointed out that the expo also provides valuable professional development for industry personnel.


"With new technology, ever-changing regulations and shifting markets, companies need every edge they can find, especially after a year like the last one," he said. "The networking and continuing education opportunities available at Timber 2021 can help employees and owners gain the knowledge they need to remain competitive."


Gabler noted that a Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative training course during Timber 2021 will enable loggers to meet their annual PA SFI continuing-education requirements. The course is free to attend, with a nominal administrative fee charged to those who wish to register for continuing-education credit.


New to this year's timber show is the Timber Strong Career and Employment Expo, which will provide a venue for companies to recruit prospective employees and for attendees to discuss jobs and career opportunities with exhibitors.


The Ag Progress Days site - at Penn State's Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center - is nine miles southwest of State College on state Route 45.


Primary sponsors for Timber 2021 include Forest Products Credit by AgChoice Farm Credit, Kline's Equipment & Mill Supplies Inc., Foster F. Wineland Inc., Taylor Machine Works Inc. and Cleveland Brothers CAT.


More information about Timber 2021, including details on exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, is available by calling 814-863-2873 or by visiting the show website at


Twitter users can find and share information about the event by using the hashtag #PaTimberShow.

April 8, 2021 – Mellott Manufacturing has a long history of unique and innovative designs that address the challenges of the modern sawmill.  The Model 70E Log Flare Butt Reducer is the latest such design.  As more mid to large hardwood sawmills move to Ring Style Debarkers the issue of butt flare is magnified.  

To address this challenge Mellott designed the standard Model 70E for logs from 8 to 17 feet in length and up to a max flare of 60”, the heavy-duty 14”x28” cutterhead, driven by a direct coupled 100HP motor with your choice of hydraulic or pneumatic overhead hold down wheels. The prototype is being constructed as a remote-controlled stand-alone unit operated remotely by the operator of the log loader, but the system is very flexible and can be installed in new or existing production lines eliminating the space, cost and personnel of running a Rosserhead debarker as a butt reducer.

 Like all of the Mellott line of material handling equipment, the Model 70E Log Flare Butt Reducer can be custom designed to fit your unique requirements.  To schedule a review call 717-369-3125.

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