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It is the mission of Baker Products to provide quality equipment and the service to support it through qualified employees, advanced manufacturing technology and creative innovations to members of the worldwide wood industry.
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Baker A and AX

Named for the shape of its frame, the Baker “A” Band Resaw is great for all of your resawing needs. You’ll cut at speeds not possible on many band resaws costing much more. Resaw everything on it, or use it for short runs. Use it to cut boards or cants, or reclaim slabs. The Baker “A” fits in a 3/4 ton short-bed pick-up, so load it up and take it with you. Accuracy, dependability, economy, simplicity, versatility, and low maintenance are combined into one affordable resaw. That is why the Baker “A” is the most popular band resaw in the world.

Baker Model C Triple

Increase production and profits and reduce operating costs with the world famous Baker Multi-head Band Resaws. “C” & “CX” models incorporate Baker’s one-of-a-kind feedworks design that supports the wood in the direction of the cut for better stability and higher accuracy. Thin-kerf technology and the Baker Low Profile Flat Guide System generates up to 60-70% less sawdust and up to 25% more boards, easily out-producing a gang rip. Baker Multi-head Band Resaws are made of a heavy-duty construction and are simple to maintain and operate. They can be built with as many heads as your production requires.

Baker Double Notcher with Optional Unscrambler

The Baker Double Notcher is known for its long-lasting durability and high production. For people with high production needs, this incredible machine will produce around 4,000 stringers per hour. To operate the Baker Double Notcher, material is placed in the hopper, either manually or using the optional Unscrambler (highly recommended). The material is then guided in front of the pusher, which automatically moves the stringers under the weight bars and over the top of two cutter heads. The notched stringers then exit the rear of the machine, ready for stacking or assembly.

Baker M4i Inline

The Baker M4i DeDuster has been designed to be a super-high-performance dust removal machine that will accept and remove sawdust from the highest production multi-head horizontal band resaw today. The M4i DeDuster can operate at over 700 feet per minute! Boards drop into the M4i DeDuster hopper. The hopper’s height adjustment (for the amount of lumber), indexable stops (for the length of the lumber), and adjustable fence (for the width of the lumber) allow you to set it up for the most efficient operation. This virtually eliminates jam-ups. The hopper’s variable-speed conveyor sends the lumber through the M4i DeDuster chamber one piece at a time. The rear height adjustment of the conveyor can be adjusted from a minimum of 24" and up to 34" maximum. Inside the M4i DeDuster chamber, high-speed brushes clean all four sides of the boards. The independently powered brushes are fully adjustable for longer brush life. The specially designed chamber maximizes air flow, directing the dust out the dust chamber instead of back onto the boards. The entire side of the chamber easily opens for full open accessibility. The Baker M4i DeDuster comes with its own electrical panel and a stand-mounted, remote start/stop control station.

Baker Blue Streak 3665D

The Baker Blue Streak™ Portable Band Sawmill was built to handle big logs and big jobs. We took our extremely popular Model 3638D sawmill and beefed it up with a 2-inch band blade and a 65-HP Cummins® diesel engine. No other sawmill comes close to the versatility, ease of use, production, and heavy-duty smart design of the Baker Blue Streak Sawmill. There are other improvements, as well, such as the fuel tank being larger and more conveniently located between the bunks at the front end of the mill. The head is now even more stable, raised and lowered on both sides at the same time with a computer-controlled ball screw drive system. The throat height capacity has been expanded from 9½” to 12” between the blade and the top of the throat. You’ll not find a better one-man band sawmill on the market than the Baker Blue Streak.

Baker Circle Tri-Scragg

If you’ve been trying to think of how you can simplify your assembly line process, we’ve just made your choice easy. The Baker Circular Tri- Scragg Mill uses a sharp chain feed with links every 4”. After the log is sawn by two 48” (52” optional) circular blades, the two-sided scragg block is then fed through a horizontal band blade. Self-centering wheels center the two-sided scragg block and eliminate twisting as it passes. The horizontal band blade splits the scragg block, making it into two three-sided cants, ready to be resawn. Choose the Baker Circular Tri-Scragg Mill. It’s a combination you can’t get anywhere else.

Baker BP Dominator

The Baker BP Dominator™ Stationary Band Sawmill was designed for industrial-strength, high production sawmilling. Based on the user-friendly Baker Blue Streak™ Band Sawmill, the BP Dominator brings several ergonomic and functional tweaks to help make your log breakdown experience as worthwhile as possible. A 50-hp electric motor comes standard to power your way through both softwood and hardwood logs measuring up to 36" in diameter! Hydraulic controls are centrally located at one end of the Baker BP Dominator’s durable, steel I-beam frame. Two 36"-diameter, all-steel band wheels help to extend blade life and improve cutting speed without sacrificing accuracy. Plus, you’ll appreciate the BP Dominator’s incredibly fast saw head return speed! Don’t hesitate to make your operation as hassle-free and as productive as possible. Upgrade to the future of industrial sawmilling technology! Invest in the new Baker BP Dominator Stationary Band Sawmill.

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