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With our many years of experience in the firewood business we have been able to use customer suggestion and lessons learned over time to fine tune what we believe to be the best, most efficient and most durable firewood processors, wood splitters, conveyors, and rim crushers on the market.
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Built-Rite Conveyors

BUILT-RITE CONVEYORS: BR-12, BR-16, BR-20, BR-24, BR-28, BR-32

Built-Rite 11 HPWS - 24 HPWS

- 11 HPWS: Compact size yet heavy duty the 11 HPWS is ideal for most firewood operations. With a fast 6 second cycle time the 11 HPWS can split up to 3 cords/hr. If your fast enough to feed it. - 24 HPWS: Designed specifically for tree services and large commercial firewood splitting operations the 24 HPWS commercial firewood splitter is in a class of it's own! Because it has a 24 HP engine we are able to use a single stage hydraulic pump has 3 advantages over 2-stage pumps: 1. When used with our custom 4 1/2" x 24" cyl. you get a true 8 sec. cycle time (2-stage pumps slow to a crawl when splitting tough chunks). 2. Single stage pumps run cooler than 2 stage pumps. 3. Single stage pumps are rebuildable - 2 stage pumps are not.

Built-Rite Blockmaster

Tired of cutting up blocks and lifting them onto your splitter? Set up the new “Block-Master” from Built-Rite next to your splitter and you have a 2 piece processor for a fraction of the cost. Available in 2 models, one for logs up to 16” in diameter and one for logs up to 22” in diameter. A PTO option is also available for both models.

Built-Rite PTO 2

The PT02 tractor powered firewood processor requires a min. 60 H.P. tractor and uses a tandem 1000 R.P.M. pump. Feature and production wise the PT02 tractor powered firewood processor is similar to the 86SCP except for the auto-stop system.

Built-Rite PTO 1

Feature and production wise the PT0 1 tractor powered firewood processor operates very similar to the 30SCP. A great alternative to the self-contained units for a lot less money. The PT0 1 tractor powered firewood processor requires a min. 35 H.P. tractor and uses 21 G.P.M. 540 R.P.M. PTO pump.

Built-Rite 40 HP

This High Performance 40 SCP is the latest in Built-Rite innovation. Coming with all the latest options standard the 40 SCP-HP will make quick work of all your firewood needs

Built-Rite 100 SCP

The 100 feeds each log onto the trough with a 10’ three strand live deck with log stops. The hourglass feed roll system brings your knotty logs forward with ease before they are cut with the heavy duty 2 gauge blade. To eliminate rocking after each cut, the blade moves up and down on a maintenance free guide wheel system. Blocks can be repositioned with the block turner before you split them 2, 4, 6, or 10 ways with the triple multi-wedge. All controlled by user friendly joystick controls in the comfort of a heated cab. When you combine all the features of the 100 SCP: Triple Multi-Wedge, Powered Feed Rollers, 52" Vertical Circular Saw, Block Turner, 4 Second cycle time, 100 HP Kubota Diesel, Heavy-Duty Live Deck with Log Stops, Joystick Controls, Heated Cab It is possibly the best firewood processor ever built.

Built-Rite 18 SCP-D

The 18 SCP-D is great for any size operation from start up to full time producers. With a 33.5 H.P. Kubota diesel, a custom built 4” cylinder with high speed return, and a multi-wedge option this is a fast, efficient, compact processor.

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