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Cone Machinery, Inc., a division of Cone Omega, & manufacturers of world class Sawmill Machinery for over 35 years. Our plant is a 35,000-sq. ft. facility, including a CNC machine shop, a fabrication department, & equipment assembly warehouse.
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Cone Machinery Profiler

Profiler The newest innovation to the Sawmill Community. A Profiler allows our customers the ability to do away with their edgers. This machine will allow you to square the edges of the side boards that are produced. ? Cone Machinery, Inc. furnishes this machine two ways. A Dual Profiler that will allow you the ability to edge a single side board on each side of the cant, and also a Quad Profiler that will allow you to edge two side boards off each side of the cant. ? This machine will help you with recovery, yield, and minimize the foot print of machines, and conveyors within your mill.

Cone Machinery Small Log Machine

Small Log Machine Cone Machinery offers the best small log processor on the market today. It features Cone's trademark simplicity of design, rugged construction, and low operating and maintenance costs. Where competitors rely on expensive scanning and computer modeling of the log, plus multiple linear positioners, to machine the log, Cone goes the other way - the simpler way. Cone uses multiple press rolls in the infeed module to flatten out any curvature in the log, then machines it to shape. Cants alone may be produced, or cants may be split into boards with the optional vertical edger. ? The small log machine may be fed by a curved infeed conveyor, which will turn most logs horns down before they enter the infeed module. It can also be supplied with an optional log turner. It can be set up to run at over 350 FPM, and depending on the log delivery system, may not even require an operator. Maintenance is simple and easy and no expensive high-tech computer gurus are needed to keep it on line. The low initial investment means the sawmill will reap the benefits sooner.

Cone Machinery Vertical Edger

Vertical Edger Vertical Edgers come in single and double arbor models, all having a saw arbor standing vertically in the machine frame. Feed rolls and press rolls move the cant through the saws, with the result being a stack of lumber. ? Single arbor machines (VSA) can saw cants 4" and 6" wide. They may have optional shifting saws, allowing the user to produce timbers if they wish to. ? Double arbor machines (VDA) can saw cants up to 12" wide, and are available with the same saw shifting options to make timbers with one arbor if desired. Users run saws as thin as 0.140" in Southern pine, with exceptional results. ? Cone Machinery, Inc. vertical edgers are all compact, low maintenance machines with ultra high performance. They can process cants up to 16" high at up to 350 FPM. Sawmills with Cone vertical edgers run saws as thin as 0.100" in Southern yellow pine, with excellent results. Some features of the Cone Machinery vertical edgers include: Heavy wall main frames for durability; proven arbor design (several spline types available); and, feed rolls and press rolls are driven from above, and are easily removed for servicing. Steel or aluminum saw guides are available; efficient Saw Guide Lubrication System minimizes water/oil usage and maximizes saw life; and, heavy duty, chrome-plated lumber guides.

Cone Machinery Outfeed Conveyor (Roll Case)

Outfeed Conveyor (Roll Case) Cone Machinery Outfeed Roll Cases feature a center chain that carries the cants to a secondary sawing machine (usually a vertical edger). Press rolls sequence along the length of the chain, keeping the cants on center. ? Side boards travel on bed rolls with spiral wrap until they bump into shear panels near the end of the roll case. The bed rolls screw the side boards off of the roll case where they drop onto floor chains and head for a board edger.

Cone Machinery Horizontal Gangs

Horizontal Gangs Cone Machinery gangs feature horizontal arbors (either one or two), with guided saws spaced along the arbor to make lumber, or a combination of lumber and cants. Saws can be made to shift if desired. ? Driven bed rolls keep the cants moving through the gang, and press rolls (sometimes driven) are employed to keep cant down on the press rolls. ? Cone Machinery gang saws are state-of-the-art, featuring thin saw kerf technology, advance saw lubrication systems, high performance, and low maintenance. ? The gangs feature heavy duty frames; cantilevered arbor assemblies (no door bearings); heavy duty driven bed roll assemblies; Saw Saver Saw Guide Lubrication Systems; steel or aluminum saw guides; clam shell opening saw access hatch, and optional shifting saws to make timbers.

Cone Machinery Auto Rotation Log Turner

Auto Rotation Log Turner Main Frame and Slide Shafts Cone employs heavy wall square and rectangular steel tubing in the construction of log turner frames. Tubes are extensively braced with plates in all high-stress areas. Mounting pads with leveling screws are provided. Slide shafts are 4" diameter, chrome plated. Slide bushings are long-lasting hard bronze, protected by rod scrapers. Spike Rolls The turning rolls are one piece held on the axle shaft by Ringfeder locking assemblies. The spikes are screw-in style and may be purchased in hardened or chromed versions. As with all of Cone equipment, ease of maintenance is a driving factor in the design process. Here, one person with an impact wrench can change all of the spikes with the roll still mounted in the machine in a fraction of the time it takes to change conventional weld-on spikes. Roll Closing Cylinders The spike roll closing cylinders consists of pneumatic cylinders for cushioning coupled to hydraulic linear positioning cylinders. The linear positioners preset the spike rolls for the diameter of the incoming log. The pneumatic cushion cylinders allow the spike rolls to follow the contours of each log and provide the holding power while the log is being turned.

Cone Machinery Dual-Hopper

Dual-Hopper Log Shaver The Dual Hopper Log Machine's heavy duty construction is designed and built for long life in constant production. The machine is free standing with foot-pads suitable for bolting down and is ready for immediate connection to the electrical supply. A controls console is also available. All Dual Log Box Shavers are delivered fully guarded and fitted with necessary isolation switches to meet safety regulations. All Cone Machinery equipment is supplied in accordance with OSHA guide lines (unless otherwise stated). One-Year Warranty Our guarantee covers the replacement of parts, excluding abuse or excessive wear, for a period of 12 months from date of delivery or 2000 hours running, whichever comes first (with the exception of wear parts: knives, drive belts, etc.).

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