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DYNA Products is a market leader in the small to midsize firewood processor category. Constant innovation, attention to detail, and customer feedback are the main driving forces for their steady growth. With over 1,000 processors world wide, the DYNA brand has earned its position as a key player in the industry.
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DYNA Vortex By DYNA V-12

The Vortex Chamber has more capacity than any other chipper in the 12 inch class. While most chippers in this class have openings 12 inches high and from 15 inches to 20 inches wide, the VORTEX® V-12 has an opening of 12 inches high by 32 inches wide .... 50% to 100% bigger. This makes it suitable for multiple markets others can't handle. Tree care, municipalities, utility line maintenance, golf course management, and even light land clearing are all better suited to the VORTEX® V-12 than others in its class. Hand fed or machine fed, the "oversized" opening makes feeding and operating best in class. While operators of other brands must "cut to the opening", VORTEX® V-12 operators can process limbs, branches, and even small whole trees as-is, bringing truth to the statement of "less trim time" that others claim. Another feature of the VORTEX® V-12 design is the ability to throw chips wet or dry, in ANY direction, with velocity unequalled by any other drum-style chipper in its class. This model matches and can even exceed the throwing capability of a disc-style chipper. Add in the revolutionary skinless-no pocket drum, you have the highest capacity, most productive machine in the 12-inch class available in today's market.


Bundling is an excellent method to enhance your revenue from cut and split firewood. Each cord can be transformed into 128 one cubic foot bundles, perfect for campgrounds, gas stations, and gourmet markets. Here's the potential math: With an average retail price of $5 per firewood bundle, each cord can yield $640 before expenses. Imagine if you bundled and sold 50 cords per year, your gross earnings could reach an impressive $32,000! Don't miss out on this profitable venture. Start bundling your firewood today and maximize your earnings. Whether you're looking to expand your current firewood business or enter a new market, this opportunity is sure to add value to your enterprise. Get in touch with us to explore this lucrative option further and take your firewood business to new heights!

DYNA DYNA Firewood Tumbler

Here is the ultimate solution for quickly and effortlessly cleaning dirty wood. This innovative equipment features a multi-stage drum with bi-directional chutes, providing you with flexible sorting options to separate kindling from waste and direct it precisely where it's needed. Powered by either a gas or electric hydraulic power pack, our tumblers offer versatility to suit your specific requirements. The hydraulic power pack ensures efficient and reliable performance, making the cleaning process a breeze. For those seeking additional flexibility, we also offer the option to purchase the tumbler without any power pack, allowing you to integrate it into your existing setup seamlessly. With the DYNA Firewood Tumbler, say goodbye to labor-intensive and time-consuming wood cleaning methods. Experience the convenience of fast and easy wood cleaning, and streamline your firewood processing operations like never before.

DYNA LS24-18

The DYNA LS24-18 offers an excellent solution for efficiently splitting large wood pieces that may be lying around. This powerful wood splitter is a valuable addition for both homeowners seeking to split firewood for the winter and rental centers looking to expand their rental offerings. With its robust 9 HP Honda engine, the LS24 ensures reliable and consistent performance, making wood splitting a breeze. The hydraulics provide a substantial 24-inch stroke, enabling it to handle even the toughest logs with ease. For homeowners, the LS24-18 represents a practical investment, as it simplifies the process of preparing firewood for the colder months, ensuring a steady and reliable heat source. Additionally, rental centers can benefit from adding this high-quality splitter to their inventory, attracting customers seeking an efficient and powerful wood-splitting solution.


Experience a new dimension of speed and simplicity with the SC-12XP Firewood Processor. Swift in setup and effortless in operation, this exceptional machine embodies optimal performance. Fueling its efficiency is a robust 20 HP Honda motor, recognized for its unwavering reliability. Seamlessly translating power into results, the SC-12XP efficiently processes an entire cord of firewood per hour, ensuring a continuous and seamless workflow. Driven by a heavy-duty 18-inch harvester bar, the hydraulic saw motor excels in swift and precise cutting, enabling you to tackle logs with exceptional speed. Enhanced productivity is further complemented by the optional 10-ft conveyor, elevating your firewood processing experience. Moreover, the SC-12XP is equipped with a standard 4-way wedge, with an optional 6-way fixed wedge available for expanded versatility, empowering you to tailor your output to meet specific demands. Streamlining the process, logs are seamlessly loaded into the machine and effortlessly advanced into the cutting position through user-friendly controls. With a simple engagement of the saw bar and clamp by the operator, the hydraulic saw motor initiates automatically, minimizing manual intervention and optimizing operational fluidity. The SC-12XP Firewood Processor stands as a testament to uncompromising performance, engineered to set new benchmarks in firewood processing. Its quick setup, intuitive operation, and incorporation of cutting-edge features exemplify its dedication to enhancing your firewood production endeavors.

DYNA SC-16 Rapid Split

With several upgrades to the 2024 SC16 Rapid Split, the most notable is the splitter autocycle and adjustable stroke length on the cylinder to help save more time processing firewood. With a two-speed splitter the full stroke cycle time is sub four seconds. Also, improved hose routing reduces debris build up. The auto cycle hall effect sensors eliminate extend and retract pressure spikes, reducing wear on the cylinder, valve, and hoses. The SC-16 Firewood Processor is equipped with our new standard 2.2 Liter 49 HP Tier 4 CAT diesel engine, coupled with a commanding 5-inch x 30-inch hydraulic cylinder. This dynamic duo orchestrates a staggering output of up to 6 cords per hour, a testimony to its industrial-grade prowess. Embracing versatility, the SC-16 boasts a rated capacity for logs with a 22-inch diameter and up to 24 feet in length, accommodating even the most substantial wood sources. Meanwhile, the machine's supreme adaptability is showcased by its capability to manage logs with a maximum diameter of 22 inches – a feat that showcases its robust engineering. While retaining its hallmark portability, the SC-16 Firewood Processor is an industrial-grade marvel, necessitating a tow vehicle equipped with an electric trailer brake control for optimal performance and safety. Effortlessly transitioning from processing to transportation, the SC-16 stands as an epitome of operational ease. Controlled by just three ergonomic joystick commands, the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, harvester saw, and splitting wedge harmoniously respond to your guidance from a central operator station. This streamlined orchestration ensures optimal precision and efficiency, while the machine's mobility remains unmarred. Swiftly transportable between your wood yard, worksite, or rental locations, the SC-16 Firewood Processor epitomizes the convergence of power, simplicity, and versatility in the world of firewood processing.


The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor combines the industrial-size, high-output frame and log capacity like the DYNA SC-16, with the power and speed of a highly reliable and versatile DYNA SC-14. With the upgrades of the DYNA SC-15, you can still take on thousands of cords per year, without breaking the bank! The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor: Power and Efficiency Redefined Powered by our dependable standard gas 999cc 38 HP EFI Kohler engine, the DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor boasts an extra-long 4.5" x 26" splitting cylinder, delivering an unparalleled capacity to effortlessly cut and split up to an impressive 3 full cords per hour. This remarkable combination of power and precision ensures unparalleled productivity. With a specialized focus on handling substantial loads, the DYNA SC-15 features a commendable 22-inch maximum log diameter rating. Moreover, the accommodating live deck accommodates logs extending up to 16 feet in length, granting you the flexibility to manage various log sizes with ease. Experience streamlined processing with the integrated 16-foot Conveyor, an inclusive addition designed to optimize your workflow at no extra expense. This feature enables seamless processing directly into your dump trailer, dump truck, or aids in the creation of substantial firewood stockpiles – an asset that enhances your operational versatility. Simplicity meets efficiency with the SC-15 Firewood Processor, providing an intuitive operational experience that minimizes complexities. Boasting a streamlined design, this machine is tailor-made for ease of use, ensuring that even newcomers can quickly become proficient operators. Experience the blend of operational simplicity and transport versatility with the SC-15 Firewood Processor. From intuitive controls to seamless towing, this machine is your dependable partner in achieving optimum results, whether at your wood yard, on the field, or in expanding your service offerings through rental ventures.


The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor – your optimal choice for cost-efficient processing. This remarkable processor seamlessly combines unwavering, high-yield performance – yielding up to 2 cords per hour – with the reliability of our standard gas 999cc 38 HP EFI Kohler engine. Engineered to cater to your firewood processing requirements, the SC-14 empowers you with versatile options. The SC-14 Firewood Processor, designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensures simplicity in operation while maintaining exceptional output. Towing this apparatus becomes a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly transport it from your wood yard to your designated work site or even rental locations. Experience operational efficiency like never before, courtesy of the intelligently designed ergonomic joystick controls. These controls grant you mastery over the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, harvester saw, and splitting wedge – all managed from a singular operator station. Whether you're seeking to streamline your wood yard processes, enhance on-site productivity, or expand your rental service offerings, the SC-14 Firewood Processor stands ready to accompany you on every step of the journey. Effortlessly adaptable and meticulously engineered, it's the choice that delivers on performance, convenience, and mobility. Whether you're seeking to streamline your wood yard processes, enhance on-site productivity, or expand your rental service offerings, the SC-14 Firewood Processor stands ready to accompany you on every step of the journey. Effortlessly adaptable and meticulously engineered, it's the choice that delivers on performance, convenience, and mobility.

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