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At FastMat, we only manufacture ONE piece of equipment, The FastMat Drill... And we do it better than anyone!
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Fast Mat FastMat Drill

Our complete package includes: one plug-in ready FastMat Drill, staging table, floor parts, a 4ft bit and a 3-1/2in counter-sink. At FastMat, the focus is on manufacturing one piece of equipment, the FastMat Drill. We do not make sawmills, edgers, log decks or any other wood working equipment. “After our initial on-line search of other manufacturers’ mat drills, the cost and floor space needed seemed astronomical. The price range of $35,000 to $150,000 for the drill and additional cost for support equipment, while only producing 9-26 mats per day per person in an 8 hour shift was unacceptable.”

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