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Since 1965, MDI has manufactured a line of industrial metal detectors to protect hogs, chippers, saws, presses, lathes, planers and refiners. The new XR-3000 under conveyor systems features a new internal design that utilizes our Diamond Construction.
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Metal Detectors Inc TWA5000-X

The latest technology in our TWA5000-X Metal Detector System gives our coils more consistent targeting of contaminants and better environmental interference rejections which increases overall system stability and performance. The integrated MDI 'View-Link' Technology allows us to remotely connect to your MDI Metal Detector to monitor, diagnose, and calibrate your system -optimizing your metal detector for maximum sensitivity and stability right there in your own unique environment!

Metal Detectors Inc XR5000-X

The new XR5000-X Series Search Coil is the latest generation in our long line of popular "workhorse" under conveyor metal detectors. Featuring an all new coil design by relocating the XR Series Digital Function Block from inside the Control Enclosure to a new Junction Box at the end of the Search Coil. The XR5000-X is an economical metal detector designed to give consistent protection against tramp metal damage. At just a fraction of the cost of the equipment you are protecting, the XR5000-X is a perfect fit.

Metal Detectors Inc MP5000-X

Our new MP5000-X Digital Search Coil features new coil geometry for improved stability, clean target, signals, and even better sensitivity. Our latest programming provides our highest level of interference rejection to date. Lastly, we've integrated the popular phase calibration board, so calibration is now a breeze! If maximum sensitivity and superior environmental interference rejection is what you're looking for, the MP5000-X is the solution.

Metal Detectors Inc XR-3000

The XR-3000 joins our family of digitally controlled metal detectors with the new XR-8F Digital Function Block and entirely new internal search coil design that utilizes our groundbreaking Diamond Construction Process. The XR-8F represents a new series of MDI Digital Technology and is guaranteed to surpass the performance of all previous Function Blocks while providing the consistent reliability of digital technology. The advanced filtering provided by the Function Block in combination with our new coil design provides near immunity to CB radio and static interference.

Metal Detectors Inc Probe 2100

Simplicity best describes the Probe 2100. Before engineering the Probe 2100, we gathered information and suggestions from individuals in the forest products industry in order to focus on what is most important to you - giving you an easy to use, rugged, and durable handheld metal detector. You will find no knobs, dials, or switches on this device because it requires absolutely no calibration or adjustment - just turn it on and go!

Metal Detectors Inc TWA-2000

Our TWA-2000 Surround Metal Detector Systems with proven MP-4 Digital Technology provide superb reliability and unmatched performance. The TWA-2000 Series Metal Detectors are the number one systems in the industry and they are proven to be the best investment you will make to protect your equipment and business from downtime and to ensure the quality of your product. Contact us for more information on which system is appropriate for your application.

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