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DOUCET DX 60 DG Finger Jointer Line for Medium ProductionThe "DX 60 DG" automatic feed Finger Jointer has a chain feeding system driven on the bottom and right-and-left sides, feeds boards up to 6" max. width. Capacity: 3/4" - 2" max. thickness, 1-1/2" - 8" max. width with lugs on 12" centers, 6" max. width on 9" centers, 5" min. - 48" max. material length. "DX60DG" Right and Left-Hand Shaper Sections equipped with: ● 5 HP Trim saw, 3 HP scoring, and 15 HP Shaper motor. ● PLC controls on shaper section. ● Dual feed chain with lugs on 12" centers, 10 - 75 FPM variable feed speed, 5 HP feed drive. -- Maximum width 8" and thickness from 3/4" to 3 1/2" ● PLC controlled extrusion type Glue Applicator with 12-gal. tank, sound enclosure and cabinet type base. Transfer to the assembly press. Model "MP-32" Assembly Press: ● 7' - 32' Max. cutoff cap., automatic cycling, 90 FPM powered infeed flat top chain with side alignment rolls to the pre-assembly tunnel. ● Pieces are fed trough with bottom and side chain trough the Cut-Off Saw to a moveable limit switch and are cut to length, 5 HP up-cutting Cut-Off Saw for continuous assembly (2" x 9" cap. with 14" blade), finished lengths are pushed out by the next piece onto material outfeed arms. ● PLC controlled press section, 10 HP hydraulic unit, 10,000 Lbs max. pressure. ● Optional multi cut with encoder includedSystem Includes & Supplied with: ● Stainless friction plates on assembly table, board holddown on all (4) sides. ● Sound enclosure, cabinet type base and all protective hoods, ● Automatic ejection of finished board with table ● (4) 6-Bolt cutter headsProduction Capacity: Approx. 8,000 linear ft./shift or more based on 12" average infeed length.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN