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WESTERN PNEUMATICS HIGH SPEED FINGERJOINTER, COMPLETE AND INCLUDING: -- Model FJW248 LA-W Right & Left Shaper Section. - Cap.: 3/4" - 1-1/2" Max. thickness, 1-1/2" - 8" max. width, 5-1/2" min. - 48" max. length. -- Equipped with: (2) Scoring saws, 5 HP - 3,600 RPM motors,(2) trim saws, 7-1/2 HP - 3,600 RPM motors, (2) shaper motors, 20 HP - direct drive 3,600 RPM motors, 2-1/2" wide WESTERN feed chain with lugs on 9" centers, angle transfer conveyor with 15 HP AC variable speed drive with up to 150-lug per min speed with lugs on 9" centers, air bag pressure head with quick change feature & brush holddowns. -- APQUIP Extrusion Type Glue Applicator with meter mixing system. -- Model CTW242LA Corner Transfer to the assembly press via manual corner transfer. -- Model AIT4RA 12'Assembly Infeed Conveyor with ramp up/down, powered side alignment rolls, and dual top and bottom pre-assembly rolls. -- (1) Pair Model SCD248RA Side Trim Heads, each with 7-1/2 HP motor. -- Model FS224RA Flying Cutoff Saw. -- Model BP220RH Assembly Press: 24' with hydraulic squeeze board press and (3) 7-1/2 HP Retrim Saws. -- Automatic Cycling Outfeed: Feed speed varies automatically from 50 to 200 FPM, depending incoming block lengths. Pieces advance through the cutoff saw to a moveable limit switch and are cut to length with bottom mounted 7-1/2 HP Flying Cutoff Saw for continuous non-stop assembly, the cut to length piece drops down into a final squeeze chamber while the next piece is cut to length, finished lengths are pushed out by the next piece onto material outfeed arms. -- Includes: (2) sets of carbide insert heads, 4-wing and 8-wing and (1) set of high speed steel heads. -- All Manuals for Finger Jointer and the APQUIP Glue Applicator.
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
Jeff Terrill
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