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$ 9,500

•Burelbach 4 x 10ft stacker •Removed from plywood mill that went out of business, was in use at time of shut down •Currently stored inside

 Toledo, WA
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$ 14,500

•Durand plywood stacker •Will stack panels up to 5ft wide x 10ft long panels •Serial # 1286 •Was in use on skinner/trimmer line when the plywood mill went out of business •Currently stored inside, and ready to load on a truck •No charge for loading

 Toledo, WA
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KOMO MHS AUTOMATIC VACUUM PANEL FEEDER: -- Specifications: Single vacuum Infeed & Rake-Off system for Nested Based CNC Router operation.Designed for loading of a 5' x 10' (61" x 128") panel cap. CNC Router and can handle material up to that size; Load/Rake cycle time is approx. (25) Seconds. -- Operating Process:A fully Automatic sheet Feeder and Unloader. Designed for a single bunk application and the ability to load from 3 sides.As it moves the sheet over the router table the previously nested parts are pushed onto a conveyor or sorting table, the dust is cleaned from the router table by the dust collection on the front of the gantry and the new sheet is Squared up on the router table.Full Bunk of material is loaded into staging area constructed of tubular steel with cross-support and safety guides to properly position bunk, preventing damage by Forklift operator to loader base.Loading is performed via a vacuum cup system with (4) rows of adjustable vacuum cups, (2) cups per row; front-to-back spacing is fixed and cups are adjustable left-to-right.Material is picked up from the top of the stack and loaded onto the router table, pusher arms at front & right side square the material onto the table.After machining, the vacuum lift picks up another sheet for processing; as it brings it over the side, squaring arm rakes the processed panel and skeleton onto a side table. PLEASE NOTE: This unit will need to be integrated with the controller of your current CNC Router. Actual Model is KOMO MHS.


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