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A leader in custom sawmill machinery, Cooper Machine utilizes proven technology with the latest innovations to design and manufacture quality sawmill equipment. Cooper Machine is best known for our Scraggs, but we also offer a full line of sawmill equipment including Edgers (with or without optimization), Merchandising Systems, Sorting Systems, MIT Resaws and Carriages, Cooperage Equipment and Prodesa Pellet Mills.
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Cooper Machine Overhead Scragg (with Vertical Edgers)

End-dogging log mills have been a Cooper Machine specialty for 50 years, which is why Cooper is known for being the best Scragg on the market. Cooper Machine offers versions of the Overhead Scragg that are designed to handle logs as small as 3 feet up to 20 feet long, depending on the customer’s specifications. These machines are designed and built to run a long time (with some still in operation over 30 + years) with little maintenance, and with just one person needed to operate the machine. We do this to save you money in the long run. The Overhead Scragg is available with 48” or 56” diameter circle saws. Also available with a Twin Band (see Twin Band Overhead). These machines are available with several options for controls/setworks including: Cooper X/Y Ultrasonic scanning,a Horner PLC/Delta Controller or 3D scanning from Lewis Controls. The Overhead Scragg is available with several upgrades available including three or four saw vertical edgers, graphic display and pivot dog lift for faster loading. Also now available with chipping heads. We will soon be offering upgrades for our existing customers to upgrade to a PLC.

Cooper Machine Board Edger

Now offering an all electric version of our popular two or three saw board edger. Cooper Machine manufactures a 2, 3 or 4 saw edger that is able to edge cants, boards or slabs. The most popular 6” edger comes with two movable saws to handle cants, boards or slabs from 3 inch to 18 inch wide (but custom configurations available). The operator uses the console to select the sawing size and then an optional set of laser lights follows the saw and shines on the wood to assist the operator in choosing the right sawing solution. The edger is available with an optional infeed rollcase with a set of jump chains to assist the operator in positioning the larger material onto the edger. The material can either be manually pushed onto the edger or this can be automated. On both options, multiple hold-downs pin the material to the rollers for better accuracy.

Cooper Machine Slat Table

The slat table is built as one common unit for easy installation. Multiple sizes are available and custom built to fit slab length requirements. The slat tables are made of heavy duty steel slats with a durable electric drive included. The steel slats are interlaced to prevent broken slats and downtime. Slat tables are usually built as one common unit, although larger slat tables will be built in pieces for shipping purposes.

Cooper Machine Skewing Overhead

The Skewing Overhead takes the best of the Standard Overhead and adds some new features that increases both yield and production over the Standard Overhead. Different variations of this machine can handle logs as small as 3 feet up to 20 feet long, depending on the customer’s specifications. Like our Standard Overheads, these machines are designed and built to run a long time with little maintenance, and with just one man needed to operate the machine. We do this to save you money. This machine comes standard with skewing log turners that are able to skew up to 3" left/right. This allows the Overhead to create two equal faces to increase yield on marginal logs and reduce the amount of boards to be edged. The modification to a rear pivot dog lift allows for increased production.

Cooper Machine Conventional Sharp Chain

Cooper Machine offers several versions of the Sharp Chain Scragg. The Standard Sharp Chain uses 100 roller chain with drags to run inside 3 x 4 x 3/8 tubing with 3/8 x 1 AR wear strips. It is built to accommodate smaller diameter (from 3 ½” to 12”) low grade logs with standard feed speeds from 40” to 20’ long. The Sharp Chain Scragg is also available with manual setworks, the Cooper profiling and measuring system or Lewis Controls 3D scanning. This equipment is manufactured from heavy duty steel and parts to create a long lasting machine with low maintenance costs.

Cooper Machine Twin Band Overhead

Twin Bands ranging in sizes 8" up to 12" are available with either the Skewing Overhead or the Standard Overhead. Cooper Machine sells MIT S.A. band saws or we can use the customer's choice. Models are available to cut from 36” up to 20’ in length. This machine is also available with Chipping Heads and can be run with Cooper controls or 3D Scanning (Lewis Controls or your choice).

Cooper Machine Yield Champ

The Yield Champ Scragg is a combination Sharp Chain Scragg and Edger for further processing the cant. It utilitizes an optimized log turner and sharp chain feed system. A great benefit of the Yield champ is it requires minimum man power (only one man is needed to operate both the Sharp Chain Scragg and Edger). Once the log is through the 44”, 48” or 56” diameter saws (depending the customer’s requirements), the cant is rotated 90 degrees and then fed into a second saw(s). There it is cut into a three or four sided cant or into two cants and two slabs with the three saw option. This mill is available with Cooper computer controlled saw setworks (which provides precise cutting of cants) as well as several options depending on customer needs including an infeed deck and slab recovery system. All of this equipment is manufactured from heavy duty steel and parts to create a long lasting machine with low maintenance costs.

Cooper Machine Tree Length Merchandising Saw

Cooper Machine manufactures a tree length cutup system with infeed log trough, 76" cutoff saw, outfeed trough with length stops and also push kickers or rotary kickers (if needed). The diameter of the log is determined by using ultrasound. The log tree length cutup system automatically cuts logs to predetermined lengths. The cutup system is designed to fit your application. Different size cutoff saws are available.

Cooper Machine Cant/Tie Stacking System

This Cant Stacking System from Cooper Machine is available with a wide variety of pocket combinations. System available with unscrambler, end trimmer, cab and stacking pockets. Stacked cants are removed using a forklift. Great easy system to stacking those cants and ties!

Cooper Machine Operators Cab

Cooper Machine makes several different sizes of cabs. 6 x 6' and 6 x 8' are the most common cab sizes but they can be made to fit your specific application. Generally comes with heat/air and seat. Plenty of room for the control console and a camera system to see what's going on in the mill.

Cooper Machine Gang Top Arbor Conventional

Cooper Machine makes a conventional gang saw. The operator selects the bay and then the computer automatically goes to that position (which the operator can override) before it feeds into the machine. Comes with infeed with jump chains, driven hold-downs and outfeed rollcase and cage. The machine can be customized to fit your needs.

Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Vertical Band 1275

MIT has five models of their Vertical Band Resaw to cut varying widths and heights. The 1275 model uses a 6" band and has a 4'2" wheel. These resaws come with a line bar, variable hydraulic feed from zero (0) to two hundred and thirty (230) feet per minute, a live roller table with four (4) 6 ½ inch rollers, cartridge type pressure guides with the lower stationary, upper moveable, operator controlled, single or double hydraulic hauling and press roller drums, yoke and flywheel pistons of cast steel, air strain system with heavy duty air bag, using hydraulic hose for long lasting service and virtually no maintenance except for draining, electric motor activated system for raising and lowering flywheel, all systems are complete with valves, motors, cylinders, hoses, and controls, hydraulic system complete with tank, motor, pump, hoses, and valves, programmable measuring system using MUDATA microprocessor with ten position program and infinite variable parameters, and a main drive.

Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Horizontal Bands 700 Model

MIT makes four different models of the horizontal band. The smallest model is the 700 model. It has 28" diameter wheels and uses either a 1" or 2" band. It has one 20hp electrical motor on each head and can be used either 50 or 60htz. It also has a polychain belt drive and a 13’-0” infeed and outfeed metal tabletop chain conveyor.It uses pressure guides and can either have a manual saw set or a Mudata system can be added. Multiple heads available.

Cooper Machine MIT S. A. Center Split Resaw SCI-900

MIT has Two models of center split resaws to fit your needs. The SCI-900 model has 3 foot diameter fabricated solid steel wheels for 4 inch vertical band. Wheels will be flat ground unless otherwise specified. Has a high tension band with pneumatics systems. Includes a fixed pressure guide system. There are two modes where you can run it with a center split or off to one side. Manual setworks included (optional Mudata system available). Variable speed to 200 feet per minute. The principal motor is 30hp 50/60 htz and it comes complete with electrical panel.

Cooper Machine Decks, Rollcases and Troughs

Cooper Machine custom manufactures a variety of decks, rollcases and troughs to fit your application. Cooper Machine also sells Mellott decks and rollcases.

Cooper Machine Precision Sharp Chain (Available with Circle Saws or MIT Twin Bands)

Cooper Machine also offers a high quality Precision Sharp Chain that comes with a 140 roller chain t-bar rail sharp chain system for faster production. This system is also available with Cooper Machine's Generation 4 chain with larger drags or Viking Chain.It has a thumper to drive the log down on the chain. This machine is available with either circle saws (see 1st video) or MIT band saws (see 2nd video). The Precision Sharp Chain Scragg is also available with vertical edgers to edge slabs on the Sharp Chain. Or add chipping heads (either Key Knife or Cortex) to chip the slabs on the Scragg. Works great in conjunction with a slab recovery system to recover the slabs. This machine is available with either ABB or Allen Bradley PLC. Starters and VFDs can be quoted as well. All of this equipment is manufactured from heavy duty steel and parts to create a long lasting machine with low maintenance costs.

Cooper Machine Top Arbor Two or Three Saw

The top arbor two or three saw trimmer trims three sided cants or slabs. This is a great option behind the Yield Champ to edge the cants or three sided pieces.

Cooper Machine Unscrambler

Cooper Machine manufacturers a durable unscrambler to use with various applications, including in combination to feed the multi-function edger.

Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Horizontal Bands 1000

MIT has four models of the horizontal band resaw. The 1000 model works well with cants and slabs. It has heads mounted on a reinforced frame, 40” (1000mm) diameter fabricated solid steel wheels for 2 or 4” bands. It has one 60hp electrical motor on each head either 50 or 60 htz. A variable speed drive for principle motor is included along with a polychain belt drive. Also includes a 13’-0” infeed and outfeed metal tabletop chain conveyor. Available with manual head adjustment or a Mudata programmable measuring system. We also include a Lubie lubrication system for ease of lubricating.

Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Horizontal Bands 1275 Model

MIT has four horizontal band resaw models. The 1275 model has 4’2” (1275 mm) diameter fabricated solid steel wheels for 6” or 8" bands. Designed and fabricated with a solid center to generate maximum airflow efficiency while still allowing optimum design strength. Wheels are stress relieved and balanced to ensure smooth and vibration free operation. All bearings are first line quality. Air strain system is supplied with heavy-duty air bag using hydraulic hose for long lasting service and virtually no maintenance except for draining. Pneumatic system for flywheel movement to change blade. System allows adequate movement for extension and contraction for blade removal. Tracking and final adjustment are easily made. 75hp electrical motor on the head either 50 or 60 htz. Mudata Model Pos Div 114 for one head is included. 13’-0” (3.96m) in feed and out feed metal tabletop chain conveyor and wide motorized pressure rollers on front and back of the blades.

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